discuss the main causes responsible for the growth of Nazism in Germany give answer in points

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Three causes behind the rise of popularity of Nazism in Germany were

1. The Treaty of Versailles:
The treaty of Versailles had been signed between the victorious powers of World War 1 and Germany in 1919. The treaty caused enormous resentment in Germany as it blamed Germany entirely for the war and imposed harsh conditions on Germany. Germany lost territory and had to pay enormous reparations to the victorious countries. These measures crippled the German economy and caused great social problems there. The Nazi party led by Hitler was able to exploit the resentment caused by these measures by denouncing the treaty and promising to repudiate it if it came to power. Such statements increased its popularity.

2. Economic problems in Germany:
Germany faced enormous economic problems after the first World War. From 1921 to 1924, there was enormous inflation (rise in prices) in Germany which wiped out the wealth and savings of may lower and middle class Germans. From 1929, the Great Depression hit Germany resulting in mass unemployment and poverty. Hitler was able to exploit such economic problems by blaming them on the existing economic problems. He promised to improve the economic condition if he came to power. The popularity of Nazism rose as a result.

3. The personality of Hitler:
Finally, the personality of Hitler itself was a major factor behind the rise of Nazism. Hitler was a highly charismatic figure. He was a very good public speaker able to convince large number of people that he had the answer to Germany's problems. He promised to restore Germany's lost glory if he came to power. The people of Germany were not yet aware of the brutal and evil personality of Hitler and the sort of murderous policies he would institute after coming to power. They were deceived by his charm and oratory and started supporting the Nazi party in large numbers. 


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