Discuss the relevance of Taylor and Fayol's contribution in the contemporary business environment.

The principles of Taylor and Fayol play an important role in contemporary business environment. Taylor’s scientific management principles and Fayol’s administrative principles provide guidelines to the managers in taking actions and decisions. They help in explaining and predicting the business situations and thereby, guides the managerial behaviour. Although they cannot be used as it is but they prove as important guidelines in complex real business situations. Managers can use them in different situations to solve the recurring problems. Decisions taken on the basis of these principles are based on facts and logic and are thereby, more appropriate. They are developed over time by a continuous process of observations and experimentation. Thus, they provide useful insight into the real business situations. These principles have universal applicability and are used by all organisations irrespective of the size, nature, region. Moreover, as these principles are based on the human behaviour so, they help in establishing a relationship between human and material resources in an organisation. The applicability of these principles helps in overall development of the organisation. These principles aim at increasing the overall efficiency in the organisation along with optimum utilisation of resources. They also highlighted the importance of cooperation among the employees and the managers while maintaining a harmonious work environment.

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