How is the civil disobedience movement different from the non cooperation movement?

The basic difference between Non Cooperation movement and Civil disobedience movement is that the former was started with the motive of boycotting the institutions of government whereas the later was intended to deliberately break the law.

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non-cooperation meant not following the rules of didn't deal with violation of laws civil disobedience movement dealt with breakink of the laws formed by british govt.
was carried out by peaceful demonstrations and picketing foreign shops the main aim being violation of was carried out by breaking salt laws and forest laws besides demonstrations.....
the main cause of its withdrawl was the inorganised lot of satyagrahis and violence the main cause of withdrawl of movement was the chaos spread due to arrest of abdul ghaffar khan and then mahatma gandhi
non-cooperation movement was launched in order to unify hindu and muslims and to attain swaraj civil disobedience movement was launched basically to attain purna swaraj and because the 11 demands of congress were denied


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