Disposal of electronic goods, commonly termed as e-waste, in landfills lead to toxic substances such as lead, Mercury, etc contaminating the land, air and water. It's high time that countries take a stock of the situation and protect the environment. Write an article discussing the same. Also suggest some suggestions. You are Neha from XYZ school. You may use ideas from unit environment besides your own ideas.

Dear Student

This is a creative task. Following points will help you in developing the answer:-
  • Withe increase of pollution, nothing is considered safe.
  • Various toxic substances like mercury, lead are contaminating the land, air and water.
  • Industries are growing at a very high rate and disposing of the waste.
  • It's high time that we should take action against them.
  • If we will not save our Earth than undoubtedly it will collapse.
  • People are suffering from various diseases due to polluted air and water.
  • We should take charge against such industries and should find a way to dispose of the wastes safely.

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