distinguish between double entry system and single entry system.(in points)

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Basis of Difference Single Entry System Double Entry system
1. Definition System of accounting wherein only single side of a financial transaction is recorded in the books is termed as Single Entry book-keeping system System of accounting wherein both the impacted sides through a transaction is recorded in the books is termed as Double entry book-keeping.
2. Recording It is an incomplete system of recording It is a complete system of recording
3. Dual concept  Not based on dual concept Based on dual concept
4.Errors identification Under this system , it is difficult to locate errors Errors can be identified easily under this system
5.Prefered by Small Enterprises, as transactions are not many Big Enterprises to ensure effective recording & reporting
6. Preparation of Trial Balance Not Possible as all accounts are not maintained Easily possible
7. Ascertaining Profit & Loss
Difficult in ascertaining the profit /loss under this system 
Comparatively easy.
8. Simple/Complex Its Simple but not reliable Complex but reliable


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