distinguish between Himalayan and peninsular rivers

1.himalayan rivers are perennial in nature,whereas peninsular rivers are  seasonal. 
2.himalayan rivers are meandering, whereas peninsular rivers are straight.
3.basins of himalayan rivers are much deeper than peninsular rivers.
4.himalayan rivers originate from himalayas whereas peninsular rivers originate  from small hills and valleys.
5.himalayan rivers irrigate northern plains whereas peninsular rivers irrigate deccan plateaus. 

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Himalayan rivers; 
  • They are snow fed rivers . they get water from the melted snow.
  • They are perrenial.
  • They have large deltas
  • They have large drainage basin.
  • For eg; ganga, bramhaputra , chenab , jhelum etc
Peninsular rivers;
  • They depend on rain for water.
  • They are sometimes seasonal as they can dry during hot summer.
  • They have eaustaries.
  • They don't have large drainage basin as they do not contain lots of water.
  • For eg; godavari,krishna,kaveri etc 
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