Distinguish between sporophyll and strobili by giving examples

sporophyll is a leaf that beares sporangia. both microphylls and macrophylls can be sporophylls bear either megasporangia and  thus called  megasporophylls
or microsporangia and are called microsporophylls.the overlap of the prefixes and root makes thease terms a perticularly confusing subset of botanical nomenclature.
sporophylls vary  greatly  in appearence and stucture , and may or may not look similr to sterile leaves.
Eg:Alaria esculenta

​Stobili is a structure present in many land plant species consisting of  sporangia bearing structure densly aggregated along a stem . strobili are often called cones ,but any botanists restricted the use of the term corn to the woody  seed strobili of conifers . strobili are charecterized by central axis (anatomicaly a stem) surrounded by spirlly arranged or decussate structure that may be modified leaves or modified stems

Eg: sphenophytes

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