distinguish between statistics in singular sense and statistics in plural sense.....its a 3-4 mark question.please provide answer fast

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The differences between Statistics in singular sense and in plural sense are as follows

Statistics in Singular Sense Statistics in Plural Sense
It refers to statistical methods. It refers to numerical data 
It relates to methods of collection, classification, presentation, analysis and interpretation of numerical data.  It means the aggregate of numerically expressed facts, affected by multiple causes, collected in a systematic way for a predetermined purpose.



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statistics in plural sense :- 
  • ​statistics should be aggregates of facts.
  • statistics should be numerically expressed.
  • statistics should be affected to a marked extent by multiplicity of causes.
  • reasonable standards of accuracy in enumeration, estimation or collection.
  • statistics should be collected in a systematic manner.
  • statistics should be collected for predetermined purposes.
  • statistics should be placed in a relation to each other.
statistics in singular senses:-
  • it should be collection of data.
  • it should be classification of data.
  • it should be presentation of data.
  • it should be analysis of data.
  • it should be interpretation of data.
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