distingush between pct and dct

Distal convoluted tubuleProximal convoluted tubule
It forms the descending part of the renal tubule, situated just below the malpighian corpuscle.It forms the ascending part of the renal tubule.
It  has larger diameterIt has smaller diameter.
Its epithelium covering contains a brush borderIts epithelium contain a very few, short microvilli.
Its lumen is irregularly shaped and more twistedIts lumen is comparatively smooth and less twisted.
Its function is to absorb the selective nutrients like glucose back to the blood.It plays a role in maintaining the precise amounts of water and salts (osmoregulation).

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 .pct means proximal convulated tubule but dct is diastal convulated tubule.

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 ya but stucturraly or functionally how are they different?

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