Divide the sentences in verb object complement adverb format

Divide the sentences in verb object complement adverb format 5. l, along with my going to the observatory tomorrow. 6. We came back to our hoste 7. These peop ea.re well known. 'Despite the powerful •viii s the stor did not cause, d a öia@e_ 9. The horses are in the stable. 10. After the play, a an eya Went to buy a present for Mothen Pick out the verbs, objects, complements and adverbs from these sentences and put them in the correct columns. Verb 1. The children are watching TV are Object Corn Ilernera - Adverb TV now now. 2. The bell is expensive. watching 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. She bought flowers last night. I bought a storybook yesterday. The roses are beautiful. Most trees shed leaves In autumn. She became a teacher at a young age. She looked tired yesterday. She is a lawyer. She lives in a flat. Circle the direct objects and underline the indirect objects in these sentences. . Ms Lata teaches@Scien€e. My school has offerec€a scholarship.

circle the direct object and underline the indirect object about a cycle for my brother
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Most recently seen autumn take out the verb object complement and adverb

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Complete answer

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Most trees shed leaves in autumn" here autumn refers to position or place . So autumn is adverb
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