Do all people have same notions of development or progress? Also explain with examples that developmental growths can be destructive and conflicting at the same time.

The following points may help you:

a. People often have their interpretation of development and own expectations, aspiration arising from different situations ,it is not that people share same idea of progress and development.
b. Development to some would mean rise in per capita income and growth in the economy. It gives us the quantitative aspect of development.
c. Development also implies leading a good quality life where individuals develop themselves to the fullest. It includes providing good education, health facilities.
d. ‚Äč Development also means social justice, equality and leading a life with dignity. It also includes freedom to exercise one's choice, expressing one's beliefs, thoughts.
People have different development goals and accordingly work towards attaining them. For example, for people living in a state of abject poverty, development would mean getting basic necessities of life fulfilled. Similarly, for a weaker section of society, like  Schedule caste group it would imply end of social discrimination , respect and dignity.

i. People have conflicting development goals implies that Different people and groups may have different notions of development which may be conflicting at times and which may be eestructive for a particular group.,

 ii. One may give example of the rich for whom development would imply establishing more industries, to expand business , to make profits and to maintain their quality of life and high standard of living. On the other hand, such a goal may conflict with the goals of a poorer section of the society , for whom survival is a continuous struggle, who are trying hard to manage basic necessities of life.
iii. For poor who have been displaced because of government's policy of land acquisition to create more industries is fighting for fair compensation. 
iv. We may also give example of construction of dams, which may benefit the rich industrialists in terms of providing them electricity, but on the other hand may effect the poor who may have been forcibly displaced from their lands and not been rehabilitated.


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No ,  different people living in different regions have different  notions of development or progress . Suppose a factory is set up somewhere in the country , it is development for workers , as it has provided employment opportunities , but at the same time the smoke coming out of its chimneys may cause pollution and other environmental hazards .
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