Do all sum with easy method give the answer in 1 hour

Q1. Draw a line segment AB = 6.8 cm. Take any point P outside it. Using ruler and compasses draw a line through P parallel to AB.

Q2. Draw any  ABC. Through A. draw the line parallel to BC.

Q3. Draw a line segment of length 6.3 cm. Draw another line parallel to it at a distance 3 cm from it.
     [ Hint. Suppose Ab is the line segment drawn by you. Take any point P on AB. Through P, draw a line segment PL. perpendiculars to the line AB such that PL = 3 cm. Now, draw the line through L, parallel to AB.]

Q4. Draw any triangle ABC and let D be the mid-point of AB. Using ruler and compasses draw the line through D parallel to BC to meet AC in E. Measure DE. AE and EC. Do you find that AE = EC and DE =  1 2 BC?


BC is a triangle. D be the mid-point of AB. 

With the help of ruler and compass, draw the line through point D which is parallel to BC and meets at point E.  

AS, its clear from the figure, 

Acc. to the results of proportionality,

the line segment joining the mid-points of two sides of a triangle  is parallel to and half the third side (BC).

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we cant do it because its geometry
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You can take the where you do the sum and post it
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