Do all the three parts

Do all the three parts Students in a school listened to the news read in the morning assembly that the mountain of garbage in Delhi, suddenly exploded and various vehicles pyt buned under it. Several people were also injured and there was tratlicjarn all around. In the brain storming session the teacher also discussed this issue and asked the students to tind out a solution to the problem of garbage, Finally they arrised at two main poinrs — one is self management of the garbage we produce and the second is to generate less garbage at individual level, (a) Suggest two measures to manage the garbage we produce. (b) As an individual, what can we do to generate the least garbage Give two points. (c) List two values the teacher instilled in his students in this episode.

a) Recycling of garbage produced and reusing of items are two methods of garbage production control.
b) As an individual, we can refuse items such as single use plastics and reuse items to reduce the amount of garbage we produce.
c) The teacher instilled values of situational awareness and problem solving skill in the children through this episode.

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