DO as directed- 1.But for his help the boy would have perished(begin-had he...) 2.We could not make the child tell us his name.(begin-The child) 3.THAT is all I can tell you(begin -beyond that) 4.No one can rely upon Rupa(end with- upon) is a good habit to maintain a diary(end with-good habit) 6.he threw up his arms in despair(begin-he threw up his arms because) 7.The high tower seemed to fascinate him.(begin-he appeared to) 8.None of us should tolerate intellectual dishonesty(end with-tolerated) 9.a man has some influenceover a daughter,but a woman's influence is more(use-more influence) 10.Tagore was a poetas well as a patriot(begin- not only was)

Dear Student
  • Had he not helped the boy, he would have perished.
  • The child could not be made to tell us his name.
  • Beyond that I cannot tell you.
  • Rupa cannot be relied upon.
  • To maintain a diary is a good habit.
  • He threw up his arms because he of despair.
  • He appeared to be fascinated by the high tower.
  • Intellectual dishonesty should not be tolerated.
  • A woman's influence over a daughter is more than a man's.
  • Not only was Tagore a poet, but also a patriot.

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