Do as directed
1)I said ti him how do you like driving the cab(convert it to indirect speach)
2)Full satisfraction or your money bank(begin:if)
3)Noise becomes more damaging the longer at last (begin:the longer)
4)What cold ond blustary afternoon that was(begin:that was)
5)As soon as the captain ordered the soldiers started firing(begin:no sooner)
6)He is both tall and strong(begin:not only)
7)He was too late to catch the bus(use:so that)
8)The country is poor you must sacrifise your nation

Dear Student,
Here's your answer -

1. I asked him how he liked driving the car.
2. If you are not full satisfied, we will give your money back.
3. The longer the noise lasts, it becomes more damaging.
4. That was a very cold and blustery afternoon.
5. No sooner did the Captain order the soldiers than they started firing.
6. Nit only is he tall, but he is also strong.
7. He was so late that he couldn't catch the bus.
8. No instruction given.


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