Do ethylene and Absisic acid has a good role to play by mvoing hand in hand under  some cases?

Dear student.

The correct term is abscisic.

Your question is not clear and appears to be incomplete. Please mention about which good role you are talking about. 

I am providing you the functions of both the hormones. Both abscisic acid (ABA) and ethylene show often antagonistic effect in the control of plant growth and development, example: seed germination.

Abscicic acid

1. It promotes bud dormancy in some species.

2. It promotes abscission, so it can be used to regulate fruit drop at the end of season.

3. It can be used to promote closing of stomata under water stress.

4. It can sometimes promote flowering in short day plants.

5. It promotes seed dormancy. 


1. It induces flowering in pineapple.

2. It stimulates ripening of tomato.

3. It also stimulates ripening of citrus fruits.

4. It breaks bud dormancy.

5. It inhibits stem growth, notably during physiological stress. 

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