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Do journal (3' to vvnO' the amount of cash in hand by drawing the balanEC baL•rxvs of all nominal accounts the periodical results Of a business is degr•rmined by preparing a trading and profit and loss account. 201 By drawing the balances of B•rsonal accounts a trader knows the amount he owes to his su;pbers and the amount his customers owe to him. The of personal and real accounts are used to prepare a balance sheet at the end Of each hnancial period in order to determine the financial position of his business. the Cash bringing down the balance, 2016 May Qnceofcash in hand 2 grx»ds for cash 5 Purchased goods on credit from Halim 9 Pad salary 15 Withdrew for priva te expenses 22 Inv•6ted further capital 25 credit to Ghanshyam Solution : 3D00 1,200 i 2,000 160 400 3,760 3,200

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