Do micelles are formed twice in the body first at the time of digestion and another at the time of absorption?? Please answer tomorrow is my exam..

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 After digestion in the small intestine, the bile salts begin to emulsify the monoglycerides and fatty acids into micelles which are necessary for transport of poorly soluble monoglycerides and fatty acids to the surface of enterocyte where they are absorbed. Once inside the enterocyte, monoglycerides and fatty acids are re-constituted into triacylglycerols (TAG), which, along with cholesterol and fat soluble vitamins, are packaged into chylomicrons. 

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Mivelles formed during digestion are drops of undigested complex fats containing ester of fatty acid and glycerol However during absorption michelles of only fatty acids are formed Michelles are small droplets of non polar substances like fats which are not soluble in polar solvents like water which increases surface area for absorption and digestion
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