"Do not let impairments mar(spoil) one's life." With reference to the lesson the face of it, justify the statement in about 100-150 words. 

Dear student 

Mr. Lamb saw that Derry's disfigurement was affecting him. Derry did not like to be seen by other people and felt ashamed. To this, Mr. Lamb says that he should not let a disfigurement bother him. He explains how he himself has a tin leg and explains how he had been teased for it relentlessly. But Mr. Lamb did not let any of that bother him. In fact, he ignored them, and showed them that he was a better man than all of them. By doing so Mr. Lamb started to create his own circle of friends. Mr. Lamb says that Derry should embrace his weakness just as he has. Once he does that, nobody can talk ill about him and make him feel bad.


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