How do u feel that democracy is better than any other form of govt?

The following could be some of the reasons why a democracy is a better form of government.  

  • Freedom of expression granted in a democratic nation
  • The ruling authority would be the choice of the people
  • Useful method of representation for large masses
  • A tool to represent diverse interests
  • Lends stability to the political system
  • Develops a political culture which creates apt environment for political socialization

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 Democracy (rule by the people) is a Greek word. Developed several thousand years ago, it was a brilliant system that enabled the citizens of a country to vote by scratching on a piece of broken pottery and have a say in where their country was going.

The main difference between democracy as it was then in ancient Greece and now is in the numbers. A "country" in ancient Greece was not much more than a large city or an island. The populations of Troy, Sparta, Athens were only a few thousand.

So, your vote, out of a few thousand people, had some meaning. One vote out of 300,000,000 people is a grain of sand on the beach. And 3,000 years ago, there was no TV, and there were no newspapers or any other media.

The media is so controlled these days. What appears on the news is so carefully selected and edited and, as far as possible, without losing the appearance of democracy, dissenting opinions discouraged, that those who control the media, decide which way people will vote.

A good example is the recent illegal Iraq "war." There were HUGE demonstrations against it, all over the world. But many of them went unreported. In spite of MASSIVE objections, the invasion of Iraq went ahead.

This is why I voted "no." Honestly, I think democracy with a free press and real freedom of speech and no "lobbying" allowed would be the best form of government. But what we have today is a sham controlled by vested interests.

It cannot be called a democracy.

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Some of the most important benefits of democracy has been provided and you can elaborate on them by giving reasons in support of these aspects.

1. Ethical Defence

2. Common Welfare

3. Rule of Law

4. Democracy develops the Spirit of Patriotism

5. Responsible to the People

6. Peaceful change of Government

7. Equality

8. More obedience to laws

9. Education

10. Stable Government

11. Self-Government

12. Guarantee of Freedom

13. Democracy against Psychology of Power

14. Will of people are supreme and cannot be exploited by any dictator or group of persons

15. Development of political culture

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1.Equality is the basic point in democracy. It ensures equality before law.1. The interest of majority dominates the interest of minority
2.Fair share of all in the government making process2.Results are not satisfactory if the masses are illiterate at large
3. Freedom of expression to all.3.slow economic growth and economic development
4. Guarantees stability to the government.4.deliberations and debates cost lot of time, expenditure on the public wealth.
5. Guarantees legitimacy to the government5.Role of mass media dominates the informed decision making by the people
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