Do you now answers of 4 Q.

Do you now answers of 4 Q. -x?ractice Set 47 surface area of cubes has tng the follovs Sides on S cm -2m ) 0.8m (v) m total surface area of the cuboids of length. breadth and height as gv.en cm. cm. 1.4 cm Y A matchbox is 4 cm long. 2.5 cm broad and I.-S cm in height. Its outer sides are to co•ered exactly uith craft paper. How much paper Will be required to do so ? 4. An open box of length 1.5 m- breadth I m. and height I m is to be made for use on trolley for carrying garden waste. How much sheet metal '*ill be required to make this The inside and outside surface of the box is to be painted with rust proof pant_ At a rate of 150 rupees per sqm, how much will it cost to paint the box? Maths is fun! There are some three-digit numbers which can be divided by the product j of their digits without leaving a remainder. Example (i) Take the number 175, I (ii) Take the number 816, 8 x I K 6 48. 48

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