do you think that the digestive system of humans is similar to those of other animals ? where might you see the most prominent differences , especially between humans and animals with different diet ? why ?

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No, the digestive system of the humans is not similar to that of the other animals. It is because of the eating habits that are different in humans and other animals. The type of material eaten as food defines the type of the arrangement of the digestive organs and glands required to digest that food.
For example, the humans cannot digest cellulose whereas the ruminants can digest cellulose because of the presence of the cellulose-digesting bacteria in their four chambers of the stomach. Humans do not have the four chambers of the stomach and also do not have cellulose-digesting bacteria in them and therefore cannot eat grass. Thus, the digestive system of humans and other animals is completely different on the basis of the type of food eaten by them.

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No,human digestive system is not similar to other animals.Animals can digest raw flesh and grass and we can not because cellulose is present in it.
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No, digestive system of human beings and animal are not similar to each other as both have different eating habits. The difference is behaviour ,style of walking etc.
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Nope, it's easy, we humans can't digest cellulose, a carbohydrate eaten by ruminants. That's the basic answer of the complex topic.
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