Do you think that the poor in India are free from fear after independence?If not, what needs to be done to improve the situation. Give me a few value points for an article in 200 words

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  • The poor in India continue to struggle to survive. 
  • They lack financial independence.
  • They fail to receive benefits of government schemes due to rampant corruption.
  • Poor people in India are identified on the basis of the poverty line. 
  • Poverty line refers to the minimum income required to survive daily. 
  • The people below the poverty line are beneficiaries of government poverty schemes.
  • However, many poor persons are excluded from the Below Poverty Line (BPL) list. 
  • Instead, the government should provide a universal basic income to all the citizens.
  • Until then, the poor in India will continue to live with the fear of survival.
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