Do you think the Amanda is at fault?

Solution :-

No, Amanda is not at fault for her actions. She is a teenager. Therefore, she is likely to make mistakes. Teenagers love chocolates. So, it was normal for a teenager like her to clamour for chocolates. It is also common for a teenager to bite nails, slouch while sitting, refuse to do homework and show reluctance in cleaning rooms. Instead of nagging her constantly, her parents should make her understand the importance of maintaining a proper posture, doing homework regularly, maintaining hygiene, etc.  Teenagers must be treated with love and not forced. If we force and nag them, they may become rebellious and refuse to listen to their parents, or they may be lost in an imaginary world like Amanda. 

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Amanda is not at fault at all. It is too harsh for a small child to understand the concept of acne and not eating a chocolate. Love of parents is missing from Amanda’s life. It is with pity that we look towards Amanda. There is nothing worst for a child who wishes to be an orphan. Amanda just seeks freedom from overpowering environment around her.
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