Does, all part of plant carry out photosynthesis yes or no

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photosynthesis require chlorophyll, so the green parts of a plant carry out photosynthesis, mainly the leaves, as they contain maximum chloropast and maximum chlorophyll.

YES other parts of plants can also undergo photosynthesis if they have chlorophyll, which happens in many species.

eg: photosynthesis through stem can be seen in Eucalyptus 
photosynthesis by roots can be seen in Tinospora
green sepals in flowers can also carry out photosynthesis and example of floral photosynthesis is orchid.

Some non-green flower parts might also be able to photosynthesize. You cannot always tell whether a plant part can photosynthesize based on color. red Japanese maple and purpleleaf plum all have nongreen leaves that photosynthesize. Their leaves have green chloroplasts but the green is masked by other pigments.


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Yes all plants carry photosynthesis
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