does anne consider her family lucky or unfortunate to be living in the annex ?? please tell me the answer ? urgent....

Anne considered her family to be fortunate to be living in the annex,luckier than millions of people because it was quite and safe here and they could use their money to buy food. Terrible things were happening outside, with poor helpless people being dragged out of their homes at all hours of the day. They were robbed of their possessions,separated from their families, children found themselves parentless all of a sudden, women returned from their shopping to find their houses sealed and families gone. The war was at hand and it brought its own share of anxiety, misery and brutality. In the annex, they could at least talk about a post war period from the comfort of their hiding place and look forward to new shoes and clothes. This while children in the neighbourhood roamed around in thin shirts and wooden shoes with no coats, caps, stocking or anyone to help them. They would be plagued with gnawing hunger and live in cold homes passing on to colder streets and even colder classrooms. Compared to that,the annex was a safe and warm haven.

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