Does diffused reflection mean failure of the laws of reflection?

No diffused reflection is not the falirue of the laws of reflection because the rays in questions get scattered in different directions due to irregularities in the surface on which it strickes and hence are unable to obey the laws of reflection.

P.S: From my point of view it's a falirue.

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In diffused reflection, the reflected rays are not parallel to erach other for parallel incident rays. This happens due to microscopic irregularitied of the reflecting surface. Hence, the parallel incident rays reflect in different directions. However  each individual ray obeys the laws of reflection. Hence laws of reflection do not get violated in diffused reflection.

 Reflection of light from a rough surface which scatters it in all directions.


  General mechanism of diffuse reflection by a solid surface


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 but i think that the angle of incidence is not equal to angle of reflection if diffused reflection, so it is not following law of reflection in my view. 

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The angles will be equal since the Normal Ray for each incident ray will be different in such a case.

or each type of reflection, each individual ray follows the law of reflection. However, the roughness of the material means that each individual ray meets a surface which has a different orientation. The normal line at the point of incidence is different for different rays. Subsequently, when the individual rays reflect off the rough surface according to the law of reflection, they scatter in different directions. The result is that the rays of light are incident upon the surface in a concentrated bundle and are diffused upon reflection. The diagram below depicts this principle. Five incident rays (labeled ABCD, and E) approach a surface. The normal line (approximated) at each point of incidence is shown in black and labeled with an N. In each case, the law of reflection is followed, resulting in five reflected rays (labeled A,B,C,D,, and E,)


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No the diffused reaction is caused by irregularities in the reflecting surface like that of cardboard
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No diffused reflection is not the faliure of the laws of reflection as it is caused by the uneven surfaces of the object
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Diffused Reflection means a failure of laws of reflection because the laws of reflection states that the angle of incidence and angle of reflection have same measure but in irregular reflection, the angles do not have same measure. So, Diffused or Irregular reflection means a failure of the laws of reflection.
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No, diffused reflection is not a failure of laws it occur due to the irregularities present in the surface.
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Diffused reflection is due to irregularities in the surface. It does not mean the failure of laws of reflection.
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No, diffused reflection doesn't mean failure of laws of reflection. Because it is caused due to irregularities on the surface.
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