Does the larnyx of a girl also enlarges (in rare cases) into an Adam's apple?

In normal cases, the larynx in girls does not enlarge. The increase in size of boys' larynx is because of hormones (chemicals) produces by boys during puberty. As girls produce different hormones their larynx does not enlarge. If the enlargement of larynx occurs in girls, it may be due to some infection or disorder of larynx.

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And is it rare or common ???

And is it  hereditary or caused by some defects ???

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nor rare case neither common case the larnyx of a girl does not enlarge

it is only the boys whose larnyx enlarges to form an adam's apple



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It is not very rare that a larynx of girl inlarge because if a girl is thin(means not fat or obessed) her larynx will increase so it will look like adams apple. In most cases it is not caused by some diseases.

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It is not in rare cases also as males have flatter & Heavier voice than females & also apply more presure while speaking

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