Does ventricular diastole and joint diastole take place simultaneously?

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Blood enters into the left auricle and right auricle through pulmonary veins and superior and inferior vena cavae respectively. Both the auricle contract simultaneously called auricular systole which derives the blood into both the ventricles. Ventricle systole leads to close bicuspid and tricuspid valve and blood enters into aorta and pulmonary artery by opening semilunar valves of aorta and pulmonary artery. After ventricular systole, ventricle relaxes (diastole) while auricles are undergoing diastole. All the auricles and ventricles becomes relaxed. Joint diastole is a condition when all the four chambers of heart are at rest. So, auricular diastole is completed after ventricular diastole is complete, therefore ventricular diastole and joint diastole do not takes place simultaneously but joint diastole occurs after auricle undergoes complete diastole.

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