Douglas has a near death experience in his childhood which had a negative as well as a positive outcome.Explain by giving evidences from the text. (Please answer it ASAP)

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Douglas always had an aversion for water. However he wanted to learn swimming. He did not like swimming before everyone. So, he generally went to the pool when nobody was around. However, one day a big muscular boy came for swimming but threw Douglas in water for fun. He was taken aback at the sudden gesture. He then gained some mental power and thought that he will give a great spring as soon as he touches the floor. The water was nine feet deep but it seemed ninety feet to him. He sprang but to no avail. He couldn’t reach the surface of the water. He suffocated. When Douglas went down inside the water for the third time, his limbs became weak and he was in a state of trance. He felt he was in oblivion. He did not remember anything. After he gained his consciousness, he recalled that he was lying on his stomach and was vomiting. He also makes a great realisation in his death experience. When the narrator was saved from drowning he realised that panic or terror itself should be feared. When we have fear of something, it paralyses us. Even if we capable of doing some work and we have fears in our mind, it will only make us weak. This realization made Douglas regret being deprived of enjoying water activities like canoeing, boating, swimming, fishing, etc. The wish to enjoy them and the craving to regain his lost confidence, while being in water, made him try every possible way to get rid of his fear. He was finally able to overcome this mental handicap by getting himself a swimming instructor and further ensuring that no residual fear was left.


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