Dr. Sadao masterly uses diplomacy to get out of a potentially dangerous situation that could have shown him as a traitor to his country. explain.

not repost prvious answer ,give new answer in easy language of 6 marks

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Dr. Sadao plays safe by informing the General about the prisoner's presence at his place. As a doctor it was his duty to save a dying man and he had already served his duty as a doctor but as a true citizen it was also his responsibility to not provide shelter to an American prisoner of war. Thus, he informed the general and asked him to take charge of the situation. But, tor the General forgot to send the assassins and thus, Sadao as a true human being helped the prisoner leave his place safely. Had he not informed the general and later the mattered would have come to shore, everybody would have blamed the doctor for helping an enemy and should have thought of the entire act as a crime against the country. However, by informing the General, Sadao had served his duty as a true citizen and now it was the General's fault to have forgotten about the prisoner.



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