Draft an article for a science magazine in about 200 words on how modern science and technology shape modern culture, values, and institutions on one hand and the impact of modern values on Science and technology


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Given below is an outline that will help you frame a complete answer, as this is a creative writing task. Refer to the Website to find the format of an article.
  • The influence of modern science and technology on modern culture, values and institutions is far-reaching.
  • Technology controls the way people think and behave in the modern era.
  • Values are based on the norms and guidelines drafted by technology.
  • An example of this is how people connect with each other these days.
  • There is a rapport between people when there is technology and its means. In the absence, one seems crippled and unable to stay in touch with others.
  • Also, modern values have an influence on Science and technology.
  • Many of the discoveries in the modern era are based on man's present values and needs.
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