draw an angle of 150 degree and divide it into four equal parts?

even I have the same doubt....

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It is easysee first draw the angle with protractorthen take a compass and bisect ityou will get 75 degreethen you get 2 partsthen bisect 1 part of the two partsyou will get between 37 and 38 degree samee way do the other

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step 1:draw a ray and mark O point on it.

step 2:let us take protactor and measure 150degrees and mark it as B.

step 3: let us take o as centre and draw an arch and point it as A and C

step 4: now take C as centre and draw an arch . and draw a line it is the line of bisector of 2 parts. mark it as D.

step5:take the radious of lenght of OC bar and draw an arch from C and D and markit as E.

step 6:take the same radiuos and draw an arch from A and D and mark it as F.

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Draw an angle of 120degree.divide it into four equal parts
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