Draw any three ray diagrams to show how the size and nature of the image of an object change when it moves from centre of curvature of concave mirror towards the pole of the mirror.

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I. When the object is at infinity.





II. When the object is behind the centre of curvature.





III. When the object is at the centre of curvature.





IV. When the object is between the centre of curvature (C) and focus (F).






V. When the object is at focus (F).





VI. When the object is placed between the focus (F) and the pole (P).

The discussion can be summarized in the table given below:

Object position

Image position

Size of image

Nature of image

At infinity

Focus (F)

Point sized


Beyond C

Between F and C


Real and inverted

At C

At C

Same as that of the object

Real and inverted

Between C and F

Behind C


Real and inverted

At F

At infinity

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Real and inverted

Between F and P

Behind mirror


Virtual and erect


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