draw diagrams showing various steps to seperate salt and sand from a mixture

There are two steps involve in separation of sand and salt. Filtration and boiling 1) Dissolve the mixture in water, salt will dissolve but sand will remain as such. Filter this solution , sand will separate out on filter paper as shown in diagram.

2)Boil the remaining solution: The water will completely evaporate leaving behind the salt. 


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- Pour the solution through a filter, or screen, to collect the sand.Weighthe sand.- Take the remaining saline mixture and place in a pan that you can boil in. Weigh the pan by itself first.- Place the saline water in the pan and weigh the pan and the water.- Boil the water off completely and you will be left with the previously suspendedsalt- Weigh the pan with the salt in it and subtract the weigh of the pan with nothing in it to get the exact weigh of the salt.- Subtract the weight of the salt and pan from the weight of the saline water in the pan, That will give you the weight of the water you boiled off.Note: For school purposes, this procedure is accurate enough. However, boiling the water doesn't remove only water. Some of the salt actually goes out with evaporation. There are much more efficient ways to remove all salts from asaline solution, but these procedures would not be available to you.

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