draw line segments of the Rains given below and draw the perpendicular bisector first 15.3 CM 2nd 6.7 CM 3rd 3.8 CM

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In the book image posted by you it is written 5.3 cm, so proceeding as per that.
We are given the line segment of length 5.3 cm

We are asked to draw the perpendicular bisector of the line segment

We will follow the following algorithm for the construction

We follow the following steps for constructing the perpendicular bisector of PQ.

STEP1: Draw a line segment PQ=5.3 cm by using a graduated ruler.

STEP2: With P as centre and radius more than half of PQ, draw two arcs, one on each side of PQ.

STEP3: With Q as centre and the same radius as in step II, draw arcs cutting the arcs drawn in the previous step at Land N respectively.

STEP4: Draw the line segment with L and N end-points.

The line segment LN is the required perpendicular bisector of Q.
Similarly try other.


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