Draw the circuit arrangement studying the V-I characteristics Of a p -n junction diode (i) in forward bias 
 and (ii) in reverse bias. Draw the typical V -I characteristics Of a Silicon diode.
 Describe briefly the following terms: 
(i) "minority carrier injection" in forward bias 
(ii) "Breakdown voltage" in reverse bias

Dear Student,

forward bias means when the applied voltage is +ve and reverse biased when apllied voltage is -ve 

When a p-n juction is forward biased, minority carriers are injected into the semiconductors on the two sides of the junction. These minority carriers diffuse about an eventually recombine with the majority carriers.
The maximum reverse bias voltage that can be applied to a p-n diode is limited by breakdown. Breakdown is characterized by the rapid increase of the current under reverse bias. The corresponding applied voltage is referred to as the breakdown voltage. The breakdown voltage is a key parameter of power devices.



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