Driving back home,I stops

at a snack stand.I was felt

terribly hungry.It was desert

except for a sleep alsatian

stepped on,helped myself to

some corn,then opened an

cashbox for paying.Taped to

the inside of the lid were this

note:-the dog can count]] i was

puzzle by the note.What could it

mean? Why people resort to teasers?

Please Give me the answer of above editing
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Error correction Felt feeling Desert desserted Sleep sleeping On in An the For payment Were was Puzzle puzzled
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Driving back home , I STOPPED at a snack stand . I was FEELING terribly hungry. It was DESERTED except for a SLEEPING Alastian dag. I stepped IN , helped myself to some corn, then opened THE cash box for PAYMENT.Pasted to the inside of the lid WAS this note : " The dog can count". I was PUZZLED by the note. What could it mean? Why do people resort to teasers? I hope that this answer is helpful for you!!!!!
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