Due to growing materialism, there is a shift in the values of youngsters. They
continue pestering their parents for items like mobile phone, digital camera,
bike, etc. for personal use even though there is no genuine need for these
gadgets. Taking help from the MCB unit 'Children', write an article in about
120 words expressing your views on the same. You are Sunil/Swati.

The growing materialism in the society is leaving a profound impact on the
younger generation. They are growing up in an environment which creates a desire
to acquire all that is in their capacity. It has changed children's perspective towards
life. For them, materialism is happiness. They pester their parents to fulfil their
demands for gadgets, etc. even though there is no genuine need for the same.
Children want these in order to impress their friends.

Materialism makes us greedy. We try to show off what we have and are
embarrassed if we do not have something that others possess. The world has
become a place for competition where everyone aims to be ahead of other
Youngsters need to understand that money does not bring happiness. It is more'
important to be content. We need to have values, friends, relations and, above at
our family's love and support to lead a happy life.
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