E) Do as directed: 

(i) Are the girls going to sing in the concert? [Assertive]
(ii) The boy was so clever that he could solve any problem. [use: enough] 
(iii) We can never forget those memorable days. [Interrogatory] 
(iv) lt is an important deal. It is a necessary deal. [use: not only...but also..] 
(v) She asked me how old I was. [Add a suitable question tag] 
(vi) The thief opened the door and the alarm went off. [Begin with: As soon as ...........] 
(vii) We will give you plenty of time to decide. [Change the voice] 
(viii) The heat is unbearable today. [Negative] 
(ix) As soon as I heard a knock at the doorbell; I opened the door. [Begin: No sooner..] 
(x) They spoke too quickly for us to understand. [Remove 'too'] 

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.

i) The girls are going to sing in the concert.
ii) The boy was clever enough to solve any problem.
iii) Can we ever forget those memorable days?
iv) It is not only an important deal but also a necessary deal.
v) She asked me how old I was, didn't she?
vi) As soon as the thief opened the door, the alarm went off.
vii) Plenty of time will be given to you to decide.
viii) The heat isn't unbearable today.
ix) No sooner did I hear a knock at the doorbell than I opened the door.
x) They spoke so quickly that we couldn't understand.

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