E. Short answer type questions :
1. What is the significance of reproduction?
2. What are the methods of reproduction?
3. Name the male and female reproductive organs of human.
4. What is binary fission?
5. What is budding?

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1. Reproduction is the production of a new generation of individuals of the same species. Significance of reproduction:

  • Reproduction increases population.
  • It helps in the continuation of species and prevents the extinction of that species.
  • It also has an important contribution to evolution.
2. Two methods of reproduction are sexual (involves sexual fusion of male and female gametes) and asexual (does not involve fusion of gametes).

3. The male and female reproductive organs in humans are- Testis and ovary respectively.

4. Binary fission is a method of asexual reproduction in which two daughter organisms of the same size are formed through the division of the parent organism.  

5. Budding is a type of asexual reproduction. In this method, a small bulb-like projection comes out and gradually grows then gets detached from the parent cell to make a new individual.

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