The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 42cm and its base is 3/2times each of the equal sides .find the length of each side of the triangle, area of the triangle and the height of the triangle..

Since, the triangle is isosceles, the two sides are 12cm and the base is 18cm. Rest of the calculation is correct. 

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Let the equal side be x and base 3x/2


Perimeter = 42 cm

x + x + 3x/2 = 42 cm

7x = 84 cm

x = 12 cm

Hence, sides are 21cm, 12 cm, 18cm

Since, it is an isosceles triangle if we draw an altitude it will divide the triangle in 2 equal parts.

Let height be h.

h2 = (12)2 - 92

h2 = 63

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