Economic problem is the cause of scarcity. Defend and refute

yes economic problems is the cause of scarcity because the growing rate of economy day by day made the people the root cause of their stress because they are not able to full fill  their needs of life 
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No,ecenomic problem is not a cause of scarcity.It is so because economy itself means money matters.In a country like India it is not possible for an economy to bring scarcity.Rather it is developing.It is developing in each and every field.The growth is not very fast but the point is that the growth is there!.If we go through the economic history of USA or RUSSIA,we may find that the economic situation is already developed and while in its way of developement it never brought scarcity.

Yes.Economic problem is the cause of scarcity.It is so because when a country's economic situation develops the resources are used,it's human capital is put into force,the government spents money on a particular economic institution for it's developement,which somewhere brings scarcity.
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