Edit the following lines:
At the heart of all vehicles exists a
powder source,who is an internal
combustion engine. On a Hybrid car
though as the name suggested, there is a
combination of powder sources.A power
of the engine vary according to
their size.A bigger one might be more
powerful,but it also guzzles many fuels.

Dear student,

The answers are as follows:
  1. At the heart of all vehicles exists a 
  2. power source, which is an internal 
  3. combustion engine. In a Hybrid car 
  4. just as the name suggests, there is a 
  5. combination of power sources. The power 
  6. of an engine varies according to 
  7. its size. The bigger one might be more 
  8. powerful, but it also guzzles more fuel.
*Please note that there are more than one errors in most of the lines. Therefore, it is requested that you recheck the question.


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