Edit the following passage.There is an error in each line.The first one has been done for u..
                                                                                                                incorrect                           correct
Bhutan is a land with soaring snow capped peaks,Alpine            with                                         of

meadows and densely forested hills and ravines,abound        a.    

with exotic  flora and fauna. From may to august ,the                b.

hills are covered to an awesome variety of flowers                    c.

waterfalls and streams gushes in wild abandon.                        d.

However, Bhutan's early history is steeped in Buddhist            e.

tradition and mythology , their medieval and modern                f.

history is one of the feuds and castles.

Incorrect Correct
a. abound  abounding
b. with  in
c. to  with
d. gushes  gushing
e. no mistake  
 f.  add 'whereas' before 'their'

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