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The newspapers have taken a place of the eg: a..... the

Gita , the Bible and the Quran of the people. a)

The fact threw a great responsibility b)

of the editors and newswritters. It c)

is the duty of the editor to see that d)

no false report are published in e)

their newspapers. It is a fact that f)

newspapers who indulge in untruth g)

harm the cause it profess to espouse. h)

 Incorrect       Correct

a)  of               with

b)  threw         throws

c)  of                on

d)  editor          editors

e)  are               is

f)  their              the

g)  Who            which

h)  it                  they

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  1.  of ... for
  2. threw ... throw
  3. of ... on
  4. the editor  ... an editor
  5. are ... is
  6. newspapers .... newspaper
  7. who ... which
  8. it .. and
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a). of - with
b).threw - throw
c). of - on
d). editor - editors
e). reports - are
g). who - which
h). it - they

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