Every living creature, not alone human                                             alone               only
beings but also plants and animals, love of                           (a)        ______                        ______
freedom and want to be independence.                                (b)        ______                        ______
The animals in zoos is captured                                             (c)        ______                        ______
and put in cages in our                                                           (d)        ______                        ______
entertainment. Animals and birds, who                                 (e)        ______                        ______
are captured, are train in circuses.                                        (f)        ______                        ______
If they can talk, they would make                                          (g)        ______                        ______
us feel guilt for our actions.                                                   (h)        ______                        ______

         Error                                Correction

a)     of                                            their
b)   independence              independent
c)        is                                         are
d)        in                                         for
e)      who                                   which
f)        train                                  trained
g)     can                                    could 
h)     guilt                                    guilty

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Plz post your question correctly...
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         Error                                   Correction
a)     of                                                 and
b)   independence                       independent
c)        is                                           are
d)        in                                           for
e)        who                                      which
f)        train                                      trained
g)       can                                           could 
h)       guilt                                        guilty
The first one could be wrong.Hope this helps :)
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a) of  -   their
others i go with varun;s answers
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