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Dance is an art form is                                                           e.g. is ….as
well known, for dance as a                                                     (a)
therapy is not known in many.                                                (b)
Dance therapy involves a synthesis                                        (c)
of the grace and vigour on Indian                                          (d)
classical and folk dance                                                         
movements into a innovative                                                  (e)
holistic therapy. It brings over the                                          (f)
inner feelings for the participants                                           (g)
and can help them with develop a                                          (h)
healthy personality.

a) for/ but
b) in/ to
c) a/ the
d) on/of
e) a/ an
f) over/ out
g) for/ of
h) with/ to

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    incorrect   correct

a    for              but

b    in                by

c    involves       involve

d    of               as

e    a                an

f    brings          bring

g    for              in

h    with            to
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