Edit the wrond word in each line

1) The Band Aid was invent in New Jersey

2) Dickson was fretted as his wife Josephine , cut

3) herself again and again on a working in the

4) kitchen . One day while he was wrapping his

5) wound once again on a bulky bandage of gauze

6) and tape , he was struck by idea . He put some

7) gauze on a strip of the medical tap and the

8) Band Aid was born . Billion of cuts and scrapes

9) later , the Band Aid is celebrating its 75th birthday


 error correction
1. inventinvented
2. frettedfretting
3. onwhile
4. hisher
5. onwith
6. ideaan idea
7. taptape
8. billionbillions
9. iswas


note: There is probably a typing error in the 6th sentence. Only 'an' is missing from the sentence. Rest of it is correct.

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