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                                                                Errors        Correction
a) a list of articles 
lost by railway travellers have
b) been published and many
people who reads
c) it has been astonished.
However it is the
d) efficiency of human mind
that compel my 
e) wonder, Few of us has lost
much property
f) through forgetfulness. One of 
my clients say
g) that he have never lost 
anything. Each
h) one of us are however, 
prone to forget
i) something or the other, 
but that do not amount much.

     Errors                 Correction
(a)have                    has
(b)reads                   read
(c)has                      have
(d)compel               compels
(e)has                      have
(f)say                      says
(g)have                   has
(h)are                      is
(i)do                       does 
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